"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." - Coco Chanel

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fantasy Fashion - Chanel S/S 2012

Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel show really does deserve an entire post.  And I still won't be able to display all the photographs (which I might add are not my own, but belong to Condé Nast  for Vogue) that I would like.

The catwalk was a white underwater scene complete with giant shells and seaweed, while ethereal singing from Florence Welch served as a background for the show.  The models were like sea creatures emerging from the water; it seems that Karl has taken the aqautic theme of the S/S 2012 shows to its creative peak.

Oyster white:

A beautiful, smiling Freja in Chanel's classic tweed suit with silver moon boots!
Gold sands:

Like golden sunshine on the shore. I adore this princess suit, and the miniature metallic clutch.
Seashells on the seashore:

Sparkling pale blue and a shell pink ruffle skirt.

A sea turquoise jacket with black piping detail.
Tropical reef:

The colours and print of this dress remind me of a haze of coral.  Breezy and relaxed holiday ease.
Glittering mermaids:

I can envision wearing this alone on a dessert island somewhere...this ensemble is somewhat poetic.
Moonlight on white sands:

I love the irrisdecent shimmer of the jacket, and the pearl oyster clutch...I want the pearl oyster clutch...
Beauty trend alert!!

Chanel always sets the trend when it comes to nail colour...well okay, everything. But take note, coral orange will be the one you buy next Spring (hey, it'll go with all the blue you'll be wearing)!

And fushia pink! I love the pearl encrusted bag also and the repeating shell pattern of the dress.
Ocean blue:

This dress reminds me of a swirling, stormy sea.
Mister Sandman:

The structure of the outfit and pattern of the skirt remind me of those sand scultputres you see on holiday!
Shell geometry:

Curves, angles and texture, like seashells.
Seaweed green:

Shiny laduree-green hotpants and booties!
Galapagos turtles:

A wet-look ensemble of skinny trousers and rainy-weather jacket.
The little mermaid rainbow:

I want this multicolour bracelet...
Pale blue tide:


Knotted shirts are back!!
Ocean waves:

I love the ribbon rippling its way down this dress.


The sheer cropped shirt - my new favourite beach cover-up.

Beautiful creature of the sea:


I love the string of pearls around the waist - this may be going on my Summer wishlist, considering next season's crop-top trend.



Freja dressed in a stunning pale turquoise and gold feathered dress, like a bird of paradise.



An oyster-white masterpiece with a shimmering high-neck overlay.

Goddess of the Sea:


I wonder if Karl's bags will be the most lusted-after items next Summer?

The stage is set:


Florence Welch singing from inside an oyster.


Painstaking detail.

Pearly reflection on midnight water:

Perfection - if anyone can achieve it, it's Karl.