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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Winter Wellness

Winter is the easiest time of year to forget to take care ourselves. But take on board these five tips now and the bleaker months will go un-noticed by your body!

1. Sleep

Yup, Winter is the season for hibernation, so listen to your body when it tells you to slow down! Better yet, book yourself into the Sleep Retreat at the Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden, which offers a deeply relaxing meditative experience to help your body rejuvenate!

2. Eat the foods your body craves

In particular, citrus fruits that give you a hit of vitamin C when you most need it. Grapefruit, oranges and kiwi-fruit are all excellent sources, but also try to add squeezed lemon juice to your water for an extra boost.

3. Walk for exercise

Instead of panicking in January, stay fit this winter instead by walking as much as possible. Remember, exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy!

4. Maximise time in the sunlight!

Walking is also great for doing this! Other ways to absorb the sun are to try and get out for lunch during the week whilst at work instead of staying inside the whole day.

5. Routine!

Our bodies are designed for routine - the times that we sleep, eat and exercise are actually important to our health! In the Summer, this tends to be forgotten, but it is important in the Autumn to try and regain this routine as this is when our bodies are at their most fragile state. Sleeping, eating and exercising at the same times each day makes a large and positive impact on our health.