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Monday, 5 September 2011

Luxurious Hair: Holiday Hair Recovery

I have blond, curly hair. The kind that is always going to suffer as soon as it sees the sun, hits chlorine or touches the sea.  When you have hair like mine, you learn to manage it, but it does require attention (and money) - but hey, your hair is your best accessory and the best indicator of your overall health. So I'm going to share a few tips as to how to cope with hair like mine, or any type that seems worse for wear after the beach, so it's ready to be sleek and shiny for the Autumn.

1. The Shampoo

Frédéric Fekkai Technician Color Care. After using this shampoo twice, my hairdresser noticed. As in, she asked me what I had been doing to make my hair so much healthier! This is a pearl shampoo, which means it nourishes rather than strip your hair of moisture like other clear shampoos. If you have very dry and porous hair, I would recommend using this shampoo whether it is colored or not.

2. The protein mask

 This mask is like no other I have ever tried, and believe me I have tried many others. The difference it can make to the structure and texture of your hair is noticeable after just one use, and if you have ever felt like your hair is falling out, or has become fine and wispy, then I would use this. Your hair will feel like hair again.

3. The serum

I will echo what I wrote above, which is to say that I have tried so many serums for my hair, but my favourite by far is phytolisse, which leaves the hair feeling beautifully silky and soft.

4. The leave-in conditioner

I love using KMS moistrepair just after I have washed my hair, but especially before I sleep, so that in the morning it feels unbelievably soft. Unlike other products, this light cream does not weigh the hair shaft down, so it feels like you have not even put any product in there.

5. The shine spray

I can't actually believe that I'm sharing this one, it's been a secret of mine. But I have to, it has the most divine smell of watermelons, leaves the hair shiny without being greasy, and lasts forever.

6. The supplement

I am not a fan of taking a plethora of vitamins, as I have learned that they interfere with digestion. But take omega-3 soft-gel capsules daily, and your skin, hair and nails will improve in health and appearance.

7. The diet

Meat, fish, seafood, fruit, vegetables and whole grains. And dark chocolate. The trouble with posting about specific macronutrients, vitamins and minerals is that people start to over-analyse what they eat, and then are so focused on certain foods that they become deficient in other nutrients. But for healthy hair growth, our bodies need protein, antioxidants, iron and zinc. Dark chocolate I have mentioned because it has so many health benefits, which extend all the way to our head.

8. The lifestyle

Light exercise, sleep (the earlier at night the better) and stress reduction. These things will improve the body's overall health in more ways than you can imagine.