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Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Wellness Formula

After countless hours of research (in which you could also include a degree in Biochemistry), I have compiled my own personal diet that I believe could help slow and reverse aging, which I am therefore going to call the 'Immortality Diet' :) I try and follow this as much as possible, although I also have a very sweet tooth - I have been known to make icing just to eat straight from the bowl - but as long as one's basic diet is healthy I'm going to say that's fine for my own sanity.

Below I have outlined the foods everyone should include regularly in their diet, and the reasons why they will keep you beautiful!


Consume a bowl of oats every morning for the following benefits:

  • Hair, skin & nails -  Oats have a high silicon content, and silicon is found in the outer shaft of the hair as well as in other connective tissues such as the skin and nails.
  • Vitamin E -  Oats are a source of tocotrienols, which are one of the more potent forms of vitamin E, an antioxidant and which is fantastic for the skin.
  • Digestive health - A great source of insoluble fibre, oats help the digestive system to function efficiently and keep bowel movements regular.
  • Beta glucan - a form of soluble fibre that reduced cholesterol and promotes body healing, always good!
  • Weight loss - consuming oats gives a feeling of fullness, preventing the need to snack.
  • Amazing phytochemicals - in particular, lignans that have numerous health benefits including decreased risk of breast cancer.

Citrus Juice

Orange, lemon, grapefruit juice - drink a glass with breakfast to give your body a kick of vitamin C, which is not stored in the body and is a required element in the body's production of collagen and therefore prevention of wrinkles.


The well known adage may be true for the following reasons:
  • Vitamin C - involved in immunity, repair, a powerful antioxidant, oh so many reasons to get more of this!
  • Pectin - a type of soluble fibre that decreases cholesterol, promotes satiety, improves insulin resistance and may aid indirectly in the breakdown of body fat.
  • Phloridzin - a type of flavanoid that may increase bone density and protect against osteoporosis.
  • Quercetin - may decrease the risk of Alzheimer's, again, always good!
  • Naringin - ditto for cancers.
  • Galacturonic acid - decreases insulin resistance.
  • Weight loss - studies have shown that people who eat apples regularly are less likely to be overweight!
Next time you bite into an apple you will know just how good this fruit is for you!

Dark Chocolate

I am a self-confessed chocoholic. Not of the sweet stuff though, but anything above 70%. The food of the Gods has so many health benefits that I could devote an entire post to them, but for the sake of an overall healthy diet, they include:

- increased blood circulation
- a plethora of important minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc)
- flavanoids that act as antioxidants to improve cardiovascular health and prevent cancer
- catechins for improved blood vessel function
- improved mood in depression (due to the chemical theobromine)
- unsaturated fatty acids for the prevention of wrinkles

Olive Oil

The Romans favoured this oil, and it forms the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Include it in yours as much as possible for the following health benefits:
  • Skin and hair - due to vitamin E and oleic acid that is important to keep our cell membranes fluid and therefor our skin and hair supple.
  • Decreased cholesterol.
  • Prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease due to the high polyphenol content.


When you know how good tomatoes are for your body, I bet you'll consider trying to have them every day from now on:
  • Tomatoes have the highest concentration of lycopene of any fruit and vegetable, and this chemical is important for colon health and aiding our body's repair of sun damage (the number one cause of aging).
  • Vitamin C - you know you need loads of this by now!
  • Vitamin A - for healthy eyes and skin.


Everyone should eat more garlic. Seriously. It is in fact an ancient medicine. Just invest in tic-tacs for your purse...

Chop it raw into everything and enjoy its:
  • Antibacterial properties - which is why it has always been considered medicinal. Fantastic for clear skin and preventing acne.
  • Cardiovascular benefits - garlic thins the blood and strengthens vessel walls, preventing unsightly varicose veins!
  • Antioxidant power - to slow aging.

Red, Black and Blueberries

Berries are just crammed with goodness that we should all enjoy as much as possible. Eat in the afternoon to sustain your body until your evening meal with vitamin C and tons of phytochemicals that prevent cell damage.

Fish, Chicken and Seafood

Protein is essential for the body's repair, and the above are the best lean sources.

Green Vegetables

These should in fact form the basis of our evening meals, you'll know why in a minute:

  • They are the most concentrated source of nutrients that we can offer our bodies, perfect for preventing water retention and cellulite.
  • Rich in iron, a mineral required for the circulation of oxygen in our blood and therefore body repair.
  • A good source of calcium, which is just so important in our bodies for every function you can think of, including the breakdown of fat.
  • Phytochemicals that actually reverse aging - eat more broccoli!


Not just to see in the dark, the vitamin A found in carrots is fantastic for your skin and hair!


The calcium found in dairy promotes fat loss and strong bones, and is also great for preventing PMS. If you are sensitive to milk as I am, I find that eating products that have been cooked in some way, so that the milk is not actually raw, such as in pots de creme or rice puddings, prevents any symptoms of intolerance.

I've listed the health benefits of the foods that I feel we should all try and consume on a daily basis, or if not then as much as possible in our diet, to convince you to do just that. But I actually believe that if we eat them as par and not become obsessed, we'd all be healthier than if we all continue to look into the science of health. Unfortunately, what used to be the norm (eating well), is now seen as unusual, and eating badly has turned into what is normal instead. We have to try and reverse this and make it subconscious to have the healthy bodies that we can so easily have if we remember how we are and always were supposed to eat.

Eat well now to stay healthy through the winter and reap the benefits next spring!